Can, May and Will – the Use of Modals in English

Recently, I received a mail from one of my Chinese colleagues (in English of course) stating that I said something will be done when in fact I said nothing of that sort. I corrected her, telling her that I did say something can be done, so if she had said something may be done she’d be correct too. But I cannot accept the will in the statement.

This is also a common problem in Singapore too, where many pupils either did not listen when English is being taught, or else the teacher who taught them did not take the effort to correct their mistakes.

In my 7 years of teaching, I kept getting pupils who would ask, “Mr Chan, can I go to the toilet?”

I know my American friends are going to be laughing away – to you, the toilet is the part you sit on (we Singaporeans will say the “toilet bowl”…yucks). But since the pavement is for cars in the States (it’s for pedestrians in Singapore), I won’t correct my pupils on that. Context and culture should be allowed its place, otherwise Singaporeans would be pumping gas instead of petrol, and driving trucks instead of lorries.

But back to my subject – whenever such a question pops up, the poor kid would normally get this reply from me, “Sure you can go, you’ve got legs, but you may not go.” The brighter kids would get it immediately, but most of the time the poor kid would stand there wide-eyed, not knowing how to react to such a reply.

This would always be a perfect opportunity for me to teach the class the difference between “can”, “may” and “will” (I love to use teachable moments – pupils remember them better when they have a real-life context to use!). The use of the modals (the 3 words are called modals, from the root word with the same meaning as “modify”) changes the meaning of the verbs following and must be used with care.

“Can” is used to indicate the ability to do something. I can walk away from my seat without crutches, but someone who’s injured cannot – he does not have the ability to do so without his clutches.

“May” is used to indicate permission most of the time. So while I can walk away from my seat without clutches since I’m perfectly healthy, I may not do so because my teacher does not give me the permission. So I guess I can only squirm (a common thing happening to this suspected-dyslexic-and-ADHD case back when I was a pupil).

“Will” is used to indicate a high certainty or even a certainty. So I can walk away from my seat because I am perfectly healthy, but I may not because my teacher does not give me the permission. And I most certainly will not because I don’t want to get into trouble with my teacher (I might have been the class clown, but I was no discipline case)!

Next time you say something, be careful of the modal you use!

Review on No! No! Laser Hair Removal

No! No! Laser Hair Removal is a unique hair removal system for both men and women as it saves you money as well as time, it is quick and easy to operate, pain free, long term hair removal, and people of all types of skin and hair colors can use it as there is no harm for them. It is small and easy to carry it anywhere. It can remove from all the part of body even the facial hair can be removed. Up till now almost 2 million is sold in the market.

In No! No! Hair removal device Thermicon technology is used which is totally based on heat. It emits a gentle pulse of heat that travels into the hair follicle that prevents the hair to grow. If you want a significant difference in hair growth you have to wait for the average time of 4 to 6 weeks. You will than find a difference in hair growth as there will be a hair reduction in the body parts like legs and underarms etc. But with this you have to use it about 2 to 3 times a week for the first 2 to 3 months and in the 4th month you can decrease its use to once a week the No! No! Hair removal device gives a guaranteed solution for hair removal in a long term. It is quite simple and cheaper than the other products

You can use it for both long and short hair by gliding it across the skin with a steady speed and to leave the skin smooth buff it. There is a status screen which tells you about the battery life left. There is a light also which will tell you whether you are using it well or not. If you are using this device fast or frequently stopping and starting it, the green light will shine unsteadily and if you are doing all well than it will remain steady green. There are no chemicals used in it.

You can use it for a free trail for 60 days by visiting the website of this hair removal device. This is the perfect way to see it whether it is working or not because 60 days are more than enough for the trial period. The cost is not much as you have to buy it once and only will need to replace the thermicon tips and buffers when they wear out. It also guarantees money back to those customers who are not satisfied with this hair removal product by the triple guarantee system.

Thus it truly is a professional hair removal device that can be easily used at home and can take anywhere you want.

HHO Gas Fact Or Fiction? Fact!

Is HHO Gas fact or fiction? One thing is for sure, HHO gas is definitely a fact! Also known as Brown’s Gas, it’s a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. Put simply, it’s created by passing an electrical current though water. The chemical formula for water is H2O, which means two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. HHO gas contains the same two elements, but rather than being molecularly combined as in water, in HHO gas they are simply mixed. So given this, why are people asking if HHO gas is fact or fiction? The reason is the recent remarkable discovery that you can in fact use HHO Gas as a fuel additive in your car or truck! Let’s look at how this can help you save as much as 50% on your gas bills.

It’s little wonder that fuel economy has become such a big deal this year. Worldwide oil prices have smashed all previous records, and forced industry analysts to revise their forecasts. Nobody, not government, not oil companies, and not the oil producing nations, seem willing or able to do anything about it. This means the average Joe or Jane like you and I are left to struggle on, paying increasingly high gas prices at the filling station. As the saying goes, something’s gotta give!

So where does HHO gas come into all this? Think back to the components of HHO – hydrogen and oxygen. Well, hydrogen is extremely flammable, and can in fact be used in it’s pure form to power specially modified internal combustion engines. Oxygen is an essential requirement for any combustion. So put these two together, as HHO gas, and you have a remarkable energy source. What’s even more remarkable is that this can be fed into a standard car or truck engine along with the regular gas or diesel, and as proven by independent tests can achieve increases in miles per gallon of up to 50%!

Achieving these results yourself is not as difficult as it might seem. With the right HHO Gas conversion guide, and some readily available parts costing around $100, you should be able to achieve increases in MPG of up to 50%!

Motivation Letter For Work Abroad

If you are applying for a job abroad (particularly in Europe or South America), a Motivation Letter For Work Abroad takes the place of a Cover Letter. Both resumes and Motivation Letters are much less formal than their United States equivalents. The Motivation Letter, as its name implies, tells your prospective employers why you are motivated to work for their companies. It gives you a chance to describe your personality, the languages you speak, any awards you may have won, and what motivates you to work abroad.

The Motivation Letter is constructed like a formal business letter, with your name and address in the top right corner. Beneath this and against the left margin should be the name, job title, company and address of the recipient. (It is worth doing a little digging to find out the name, if you don’t know it.) European countries don’t put a period after title abbreviations, so remember to leave them off ; i.e., “Mr” instead of “Mr.” and “Dr” rather than “Dr.”. Spell out the name of the month and use the order “day-month-year.”

The first paragraph of your Motivation Letter describes the job for which you are applying, and how you learned about it. The second paragraph should address your qualifications for the job; don’t just list them, talk about them. Show yourself to be a person of initiative and creativity ; in short, motivated! In the third paragraph, talk about why you want this particular job. What skills do you bring to it? What do you hope to learn? Finally, in the fourth paragraph give your contact information and times you are available for interview.

If you used the recipient’s name, close “Yours sincerely;” if you used “Dear Sir or Madam,” close “Yours faithfully.” Type your name four spaces down and two spaces under that, against the left margin, type “Enclosure.” Sign your name in the space above your typed name, attach a resume to your Motivation Letter For Work Abroad, and you’ve done it!

Golf Tips – Putting

Putting can be one of the most daunting shots you can prepare for when taking up golf as a serious sport or as a hobby. Thankfully there are some great golf tips on putting that will help you no end in your quest to keep a low handicap. In this report about Golf Tips – Putting we will show you a few training drills to get you ready for a confident round of golf.

Around the World is one of the best golf tips for putting to gain confidence.

Around the world or circle putting as it is otherwise known involves you placing 10 – 15 balls evenly around the hole about 1 foot away from the hole. Make sure the hole and surrounding area is flat, putting on a slope is a different drill all together.

Start sinking the putts working your way around the clock or circle. If you miss one, start again from the beginning until you sink all of the balls one after another without missing one.

Once you have sank all of the balls in a row, then place them around the hole again, but this time move them a further foot away from the hole so you are now 2 feet from the hole, and repeat the process.

The aim is to sink a good 100 putts in a row without missing one. This drill will give you confidence when confronted with short putts.

The Four-Points Putting Drill is designed to help with reading the break of a putt.

Make sure that the hole and the surrounding area you plan on using is on a slope this time. Now place 4 balls around the hole 1 foot away from the hole in the n/e/s/w positions.

Read the break the balls should take, now sink each putt in order just like in the previous drill. Make sure you sink all the putts in a row before you move them further from the hole by another foot.

Your goal here is to sink as many as you can in a row, when you miss, start over.

Bonus Golf Tip – Putting

When dealing with long putts and it seems impossible to get that little white ball into a hole no bigger than 3 inches in diameter for 25 feet, use your imagination. Exaggerate the size of the hole, imagine that you are trying to putt that tiny little ball into a crater 3 foot wide, this way you have more confidence in your putting abilities as it is so much easier to sink a putt into a huge hole rather than a small hole. If you miss getting the ball into the hole, at least you will know that your ball will be no further than 3 feet from the hole. This way you 2 putt instead of 3 or 4 putt.

Try this trick out and see your handicap drop instantly. Practice these drills on the putting green and you will reap the benefits on the course in no time. Those dreaded 3 foot putts will be a thing of the past, your confidence will be so sky high that you will be sinking 3 foot putts in your sleep.

Little Girls Bathroom – Create a Memory For Your Little Girl(s)!

The opportunity to create a little girls bathroom for your young daughter(s) can be a very interesting and rewarding experience into the world of little girls bathroom décor and fixture selection.

Experience has taught me that the most important accessories in a little girls bathroom are “frilly” towel bars and light fixtures as well as a very nice artistically inspired faucet set. The little girls bathroom is more about décor and decorating than actual fixture placement although that does not mean for a moment that if you have the opportunity to maximize your floor space and fixture placement.

Your little girls bathroom might be decorated around a theme if you wanted to go that far or it might be more subtle with soft pretty little girls bathroom colors. Any color scheme that is a soft, feminine hue qualifies as long as it meets the approval of the little girl.

Which brings up another point; you want to always keep her involved in the decision making process. Selecting paint colors, wallpaper and trims can be an exciting time for her so make sure to keep her “in the loop”. It will make the little girls bathroom even more her own after she has hand a major role in its development.

One final note. Make certain that the entire bathroom remodeling project is well-documented with pictures as you go along. Whether it’s your little girl tearing old wallpaper off of the wall or Daddy underneath the new sink or Sis with paint all over her face, these memories recorded in all of their digital glory will be the smiles on your little girl’s face long after the little girls bathroom is gone.

Unrestrained Objects in a Car

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of all the potential hazards that exist while driving simply because there are so many of them. The things that drivers are usually more aware of are those going on outside of the car. They are trying to predict moves of fellow drivers, be on the lookout for animals crossing the road such as deer or dogs, maneuver past pot holes and other street defects, adjust to any weather conditions that might exist and listen to their car for possible engine problems among many other things that might cause an accident.

Amidst all of the outdoor hazards, it is easy to forget that there are a number of hazards that exist within your car that can be equally deadly. These hazards include improperly adjusted seatbelts, manufacturing flaws or defects, common driver distractions such as cell phones and radio adjustments to name just a handful. But, one of the most serious hazards in cars in the event of a collision are unsecured objects.

What Unrestrained Objects Can Do

Unsecured objects in the car can instantly change from harmless things you threw on the floor or the seat so you would not have to think about them into deadly projectiles that can take out eyes, stab into the body and even decapitate.

The reason for the danger behind these objects is physics. If a car comes to a sudden halt during a collision, any object that is not secured in some manner continues moving forward at the same speed with a force several times the actual weight of the object.

When Pets Become Projectiles

When this happens, even a family pet can kill a family member. A dog or cat in a kennel can be a very serious threat. If a 70 pound dog in the back seat comes hurling forward towards the front passenger and driver in a collision, it will likely severely injure if not kill an occupant.

If a pet is riding in a car, it should be secured with a pet harness seatbelt or the kennel it is in should be securely fastened to the seat.

How to Remain Safe

The trunk exists for a reason. All luggage and any other random item should always be placed in the trunk while the car is in motion.

Being and Becoming

There is great debate between Heraclitus’ theory of Becoming and Parmenides’ theory of Being. Both do have some logic and evidence at least that would allow for any man to understand where these two philosophers are coming from. But there are a lot of weaknesses in the Being theory that lower its validity to a different level than Becoming. It is because of this that Heraclitus’ view has a stronger impact on both human and natural logic for existence. So out of the two theories, Heraclitus’ Becoming is more reasonable and logically explainable, making it the more definite one.

Heraclitus’ view of Becoming is a very common sense of logic for man’s interpretation of the world. There isn’t much interpretation or analysis of his theory for one to deal with. It is very simple and straight forward. Things are not constantly the same. Change is inevitable and a vital part of the world. He is saying that matter undergoes processes that bring it from one form into another. In sense the origin and creation of the matter and object does not change, but it does become something different within itself. For example, this is to say that water can not become a block of wood, but it can become vapor or ice. It also is not just a simple statement with a wide response. It is a clearly stated thesis that leaves little room for trivial interpretation. There is a clear mentality that is common to human nature that derives this idea of Becoming and allows for others to grasp it quickly even if they choose not to agree with it.

On the other hand, Parmenides’ idea of Being doesn’t quite have that logical grasp on others. He is merely stating that all the world exists in a kind of stasis mode where there is no change. Everything just is, which is Being, and can not be anything other than being. This general grouping of everything as Being provides for a very questionable definition of this word. If everything is Being, then what exactly do they all possess that makes them Being? There is much room for interpretation. If Parmenides means only that everything exists, then one can also say that things change. For one thing, by this definition, to possess being it does not require any other set of rules to exist. It merely needs to be. However, if the definition of Being is more complex, something outside of just existing, then it is a very vague understanding of how everything can be grouped together in this one category of Being. This would give a lack of development to the thought and leave the word Being as an empty grouping of letters. It would not have a true meaning and therefore not a true purpose which would render this theory pointless and insignificant.

It should be somewhat clear by now why one side is stronger than the other. There is a sense of both logical and evidential validity to Heraclitus’ theory. While in a way it can have a broad interpretation or radical versions, it is much harder to pull a part what he is saying than it is in the other theory. In just every day life the common man sees evidence of Becoming. It can be in the form of watching flowers and plants grow, baking bread or meat, and leaving a glass of water out on a hot day. These little hints at Becoming provide scientific explanations to match the definition. There is no question to what Becoming is. This makes it easy to follow and comprehend.

Being has a much harder time trying to prove itself to the average man. If all matter exists, then it is Being, for it is recognizable as evidently existing. But if it is Being, then it is locked in a stasis existence meaning that Being and Becoming can overlap. But, as stated before, there is no question that change is viewed everyday, so it can not be that only one exists by itself. And Becoming makes no claims to exist outside of Being. Rather, Becoming could be a part of Being. And if Being means something more than just existing, there is a questionable logic behind what this Being is. For the definition would provide too narrow of meaning to include everything. Becoming is more of a verb than an adjective by its definition, so it is easy to say that a cat can Become as much as a tree or a baseball. And while it is Becoming, it is existing, and being. But if it is Being, then it can not differ and can not be Becoming. So therefore, Being is the weaker of the two theories for it provides man with a more narrow logic and questionable interpretation of existence.

While Being does have its strong points, and Becoming its weak, the two can not fully compete with each other. Being lacks some vital backbones to the argument, suggesting that even Parmenides didn’t quite understand how to explain himself and therefore wasn’t a hundred percent sure of what it means to be. Heraclitus on the other hand provides a definition, that though apparently more broad at first glance, is only seen this way because it is more evidently provable and therefore more accurate its in definition. In the end, it is Becoming that really shines as the stronger of the two theories. It provides for a more understandable and less interpretable argument. There is clarity in what is being said and presented. This is why the argument for Becoming is the better.

Nightmare Realized – Why Did the Holocaust Happen?


The Holocaust is a period in history that we have all heard about and every time we hear it or read about it, we can’t help but wince at the events that transpired. We all have questions in our minds about the Holocaust and one of the most frequently is asked is why did the Holocaust happen?

The End of World War I

The world thought that after World War I, there would be lasting peace after countries learned about the brutalities of war, the casualties and the families that mourned the loss of their loved ones. Yet, little did people of time know that peace would not even last a decade and that World War II would start.

Many people from around the world felt that Germany should be punished for the events that transpired during World War I and because of imminent fear that this European country would get back on its feet and declare war on the world once again starting with it neighbors, the rest of the international community sought to permanently weaken Germany. The Germans were plagued with hardships, inflation was so bad that workers threw bags of money out the windows of the factories they worked at so that their wives could run to the market and buy what they can before everything became too expensive. The hardships that were inflicted on Germany cause its inhabitants to be bitter, and Adolf Hitler saw this as opportunity to rise to power. This was the first sign of trouble and the first answer to why did the Holocaust happen.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Hitler needed a scapegoat to blame for all the difficulties that the Germans had to undergo and it wasn’t very hard to influence people who were bitter and angry. It started with speeches that he gave at a local pub and his patrons grew in numbers. Hitler was a charismatic leader and he was able to sway people’s opinions that the cause of the hardship was the Jews. To answer the question of why did the Holocaust happen we have to understand what the Germans thought and felt at that time.

Purification of Germany

So why did the Holocaust happen? It was all part of Hitler’s plan to purify Germany and to create a superior, Aryan race. Some suggest that it was because the robbery that was made towards the undesirables such as the Jews, homosexuals etc., were extremely profitable for the Nazis as well as slave labor. When we think about the possible answers to why did the Holocaust happen, we are reminded of a time in history that we all would not want to see happen again.

Take 5 Lottery Results – Become a Winner Today!

It is indeed interesting to play and analyze Take 5 lottery results especially if you are beginning to find clues in formulating your winning strategies. It is also a fulfillment for you and your game if you have already figured out what the winning numbers should be and what specific rules or strategies to follow. Strategies and tips become successful if they are properly and accurately executed. Keen senses and extensive observation on how the winning numbers are drawn must be possessed by a dedicated player. Take 5 lottery results come from specific patterns, structure and nature of the numbers. The most recommended tips and rules in order to win the Take 5 lottery results is by generally studying and scrutinizing the previous winning number combinations. You should remember and keep in mind that winning results do follow a series from previous draws. Then what series is that? There is no specific naming for the series until you find it yourself. These strategies only serve to jumpstart your sophisticated approaches to winning.

Take 5 lottery results come in specific number groups. You must be properly equipped with the knowledge whether or not to avoid a certain number while playing. Most players rely on the rare number combinations. These players try to mix up numbers according to the frequency of their appearance from previous draws. This technique might be helpful for once or twice but playing it repeatedly will make you realize eventually that this pattern is not that effective. On the other hand, if you want to use the technique regarding the numbers which are present in all of the previous draws. This is simple. Just review on the previous winning combinations and take note of those numbers. Then try to play it out. This strategy might just bring you close to winning but not exactly winning. However you may use this strategy as a stepping stone towards hitting the jackpot. It is not wise to use your instincts while playing the game. Take 5 lottery results are not a matter of intuition or luck. This involves practical and intelligent analysis of possible sequences.

Also, it is not practical to use the all odd, all even, all high, all low number combinations. They rarely come out in a draw. It is much more advised to mix up the numbers in a 2/3 basis. Try to mix and match until you have derived a specific routine. Try to establish a group field of your chosen numbers. See to it that you have a basis in doing so. Try out other combinations if you would really want to win. If you have won through random selection, then it must be luck. But playing Take 5 lottery is not about luck. This is testing your skills and analysis on many aspects of the game. Scatter the numbers and try to set an even selection. Divide the numbers into two categories if you wish to and analyze what they have in common and what are the differences. The basis must have an equal impact on both sides. You might surely meet up with the jackpot if you strategize accurately.